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The issue with incomplete or even missing legislation is a symptom of a lack of consideration for consumers rights by lawmakers – Ukraine simply does not have the same protections for them as there are in neighboring European countries.

Context in 2013 In early 2013, the BBC together with the Kyiv Post investigated a string of allegations made against a network of scam dating websites that were all run by a firm based in Edinburgh, Scotland: Cupid plc.

It was clearly explained to our journalist back then that the job involved posing as a female user of the dating site and encouraging male users online to buy memberships – the investigation was a success.

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Bumble: Average age around 30, more educated people, more relationship focused vibe (although one night stand don’t seem to be a problem). You’re going to be in Ukraine and you’re going to use dating websites that drain your time? Install Tinder and do your dating while taking a dump, in bed before dozing off, or wherever and whenever you want. No matter your age or what you’re looking for online! You can prevent this from happening to you, by understanding the Ukrainian dating culture. (So you can’t report her profile.) 🚩She chooses the date location instead of you. You should always propose a date location.) 🚩She asks for money before the date 🚩She is uninterested during the date 🚩The date seems too good to be true 🚩She orders drinks like she hasn’t been hydrated in 69 years 🚩She’s not the same person as on the photos #Captain Obvious Look at this screenshot example of a scam attempt: This guy number closed a girl after some Tinder texting. Some of the examples are even on Ukrainian stunners, how convenient! Once you’ve downloaded the Clickbait Opener and you’ve seen me win over Ukrainian girls with it, you’ll be able to do the same. Because you’re facing a problem you probably weren’t even aware about.

The dating apps demographics seem the same here as elsewhere: Tinder: Everyone is on there. Badoo: Slightly younger people, slightly less educated, less focused on long relationships. …to then join the horde of frustrated men in Ukraine that get to SEE all the gorgeous girls every day, but don’t get to date any … You’ve got a match, you start talking, you hit it off well, and then, just as you thought your game was ON POINT… Here’s a list of red flags to be aware of: 🚩She has vague photos 🚩She’s very eager to meet up 🚩She deletes you from Tinder after you’ve exchanged numbers. It’s the Text God’s Clickbait Opener and you can get it here for free? Besides, if you click the link, you also get a video that shows how I use the opener.

Inadequate laws While Ukraine aspires one day to join the European Union, the country’s IT legislation is a long way from matching EU Directive 2011/83 on consumer rights, which regulates the provision on online services.

According to Oleksiy Stolyarenko – a Ukrainian lawyer who specializes in IT law – most IT companies in Ukraine are outsourcers –providing services to foreign companies by building a software product that is sold in their clients’ own countries.

Ads for such jobs are easily found on the main Ukrainian job-hunting websites, such as or

Such scams survive because of current legislative loopholes in Ukraine, which allow fraudulent services to continue to profit from selling dreams to their clients, while exploiting their employees.

Payments are usually made using online credits, which users buy in bulk prior to using the website.

The websites prey on users’ loneliness and lack of self-confidence – no matter how unattractive their profiles, customers are bombarded with messages in order to make them feel attractive – and in turn this makes them addicted to using the site.

So obviously, you’re going to be on Tinder in Ukraine and probably Kiev. I have 3 tips for you today that will help turning your Ukrainian matches into dates. This gives you just a few minutes to enjoy the scene and maybe sneak in a little rooftop kiss. Now you have two options: Brawl the guy and show your date your are the one true Alpha Kindly tell him you’re just leaving, while smiling.

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