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I seem to recall Kathy Griffin was alluding to Ryan Seacrest being gay after he fondled her on stage on some award ceremony. He was just on with Oprah, the great irony, talking about how it's okay to be gay, he just happens not to be gay. Of course, her fightened biographer left that part out of his book. I'm watching an I Love Lucy marathon and shit, that funny fox was masculine.Hillary Clinton supposedly outed Stephanopulus with a "that little fag" comment in a rant. "I seem to recall Kathy Griffin was alluding to Ryan Seacrest being gay after he fondled her on stage on some award ceremony."Every Bravo stand-up special she has done she has stopped just short of calling Secrest gay. The fat woman from the Drew Carey Show outed Richard Simmons on Rosie's talk-show in the 90s. Timeout: "Hugh Jackman, I know people who you know! And in Stage Door, Ball in a pantsuit was way butcher than her co-stars--who included Eve Arden.

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She had no problem outing Clay Aiken or saying that Oprah was just a little gay. Billy Crystal on Jake Gyllenhaal: “He was always performing,” remembers Crystal.

“He would sing from South Pacific and we’d all go, ‘He’s gay, he’s going to be gay.’” Sam Mendez also made what could be interpreted as a loaded quip in the behind the scenes Jarhead commentary about the other characters getting to 'blow' Jake (referring to the scene where the soldiers fake an orgy).

Didn't P-Ratz out Tay-Tay for getting aroused while wearing his grey body suit whenever they're around each other? The nerve to go onstage during the awards to say he is not."Gallo: you can google the article "GALLO'S BIRD'S-EYE VIEW INTO JACKMAN'S PRIVATE LIFE"Lena Horne outed herself when she said she had a sense of "being both sexes" in a Vanity Fair Proust Quesionnaire in 1997.

Or that could be in the PR sense like Ben Affleck and Matt Damon outing each other. That's the way old people talked about homosexuaity-bisexuality.

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American radio personality Elvis Duran while hosting Z100 radio program Elvis Duran and the Morning Show has never felt queerness in his life despite opening up about his sexuality as a gay.

Moreover, he is a massive supporter of the philanthropist efforts of the LGBT community and LGBT youth.

en.Elvis Duran (born August 5, 1964) is an American radio personality.

Now that 2018 is coming to a close (seriously, how is it already late December?!

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