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Another fun tradition is the Albuquerque International Balloon Fiesta, a hot air balloon event that lasts about a week and draws thousands of visitors every year.Fall is one of the best times to be in town because of milder, more comfortable weather.As you head out to find love, remember that Albuquerque is just waiting to show you a good time.

I mean would be nice but I would probably stutter my way out of any real chance haha. Late 20s female here, moved to Abq a couple years ago and was also single, an engineer/good job, never married, generally have my shit together etc. Coming from the east coast myself where most people don't get hitched or have kids until late 20s... Doesn't help that I don't really drink/club either so that route for meeting young people was out. I did do a meetup group once and man there was some um interesting people but it was just a singles group so maybe this time I’ll join a group that actually has a topic of interest for me. Yeah I'm a bit younger than you, but also from the East Coast. A language meetup group is exactly what I am looking for as I am learning Mandarin.

I met my bf in a language meetup group, but it was almost entirely based on luck because we were basically the only two young, single, fairly stable people in the group. There's some great late 20s/early 30s single people out here, mostly from out of town, but it'll take some luck and persistence to keep putting yourself in social situations to meet them. If you wouldn't mind PMing me some info on that I would greatly appreciate it. It took me a while, in fact I'd about given up on it.

If you ever think you’re lost, just look for the mountains in the east and you’ll know which direction you’re headed.

This trick might not work at night, but this well-planned city isn’t too difficult to get around once you’ve lived in it a while.

Santa Fe might be the capitol and more of a hub for tourists, but Albuquerque is larger by far.

Because of its size, you’ll find tons of interesting things to do here.

During the holiday season, many homes decorate for Christmas with traditional luminarias, paper bags lit from within by candles.

Southwestern culture permeates Albuquerque in all the best ways.

This is the perfect time to make new friends and explore your hometown.

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