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Wow, Rosie seems to have taken some horse tranquillizers offstage cuz now she’s as calm as can be.

Andy asks Rosie about her “coming out talk” and Rosie said that Kathy’s kids are so sweet to her and have always just looked at her as their funny Aunt Rosie… She doesn’t think they knew she was gay until they talked. Rosie admits that after their father died, that she and Kathy had some rocky times.

” Melissa, because again, she hasn’t gotten much reunion screen time up to this point, insists “You’re the one who has said all the negative things.

You sit here and bash my marriage and my husband…” The memory challenged Tre says, “I’m not bashing your marriage.” Mel says, “Yes, you did, you did ALL season long – and when you finally get a taste of your own friggen medicine…

Cue the footage when Rosie tell Kathy’s kids that she’s gay…

and Tre in her talking head interview says that when they were growing up, that Kathy hated that her sister was gay.

After seeing footage of Tre apologizing to Caro, Andy asks Caro why she doesn’t accept Tre’s apology. Caro said, “When we were in Napa, you called me a ‘C.’ You called me a b***. Caro’s stuck on the fact that Tre called her a c***. Jac says that she, “Just didn’t want to deal with any more bulls***.” Caro says she’s actually afraid of Jac. Andy implies that Caro is a bully and a “viewer” asks Tre if she regrets how she treated Danielle now that she’s been on the being bullied end of the stick?

Tre shoots a general question out, “Did I call her a c***? Tre responds with a seemingly honest, “Yes.” Caro challenges Tre to name just one instance of when Caro bullied Tre. but tries to say that the viewers and the magazines are insisting that she’s being bullied…

Wow, with Rosie’s new dark hairdo and glitter eye makeup… Rosie had met a girl who was an opportunist and Kathy could see that… As she glared at Tre, Rosie insisted their arguments were never about her being gay but that they were about this girl that was taking her down a wrong path.

Tre insists that before the girlfriend that she wanted Rosie to hang with her and Kathy… She said that she had invited Rosie over and that even Joe had also invited her… ” Meanwhile, Kathy infers that Rosie wouldn’t want to hang around someone like Joe.

The way things are going they may end up cutting this season short – although ratings are still over some of their other shows. but I’m also agreeing with Lauren when she tells Rosie to just relax and to think about how her dad would want her to react… I quickly run to the window to see if pigs are indeed, flying!

Compared to the other two housewives shows that are airing right now – the New York franchise is bringing in DOUBLE the ratings – and the New Jersey franchise – TRIPLE. not sure when the last time was that I wholeheartedly agreed with Tre about anything… Backstage we see Lauren, in all her slenderness, go over to talk to Rosie who is still hyperventilating about what Tre has said about her dead father… Lauren implores Rosie to, “Just make him proud, and handle yourself.” Rosie promises to be calm.

Then they start in on how Caro and Jac were there for Tre when the bankruptcy hit and also when Mel and Kathy first came on the show.

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