adult sex dating in betheden mississippi - Al anon when dating recovered alcoholic

he is this little triangle that hobbles along looking for a place to fit in.

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what you cannot give to yourself, no other person can give to you. but you will never be happy with your bf, no matter what good things he does, if you are just not able to give love and happiness and find joy for yourself.

have you ever read shel silverstein's book, something like the big O finds its missing piece.

(not sure the exact name of it.) i think about that book a lot, esp. (i'm a codie, too, and my relationships for me are like taking a drink...

don't have to deal with my own self...) i think of that "missing piece" (thats me), who goes around looking for a place to fit in.

Yep it does get frustrating when it seems to always be about them.... Is how he feels about me, treats me, I feel about him, the loving actions he shows me, his commitment to me, who he is as a man, what he believes in ....... the great thing about not having a kid with somebody is you don't have to try so hard to make it work, when the fun is over the fun is over it don't come back..thats what it is all about fun a happyness.

You have to remember that he is only one drink from being an active alcoholic.... I know you love the guy,but you can love some one from far away or rite next to them,it dont matter,make this guy get out and do something and quit BSing everyone,spining is wheels sitting on his @$$ not making you are himself happy,,,this sad sack needs to wake up and do something.

he couldn't make himself complete by trying to fit into other places with other incomplete parts. Now if thats not a fairy tale, I dont know what is.

I dont want to lose him, but I know that if things continue on like this, the relationship is bound to self-destruct anyway.

He doesn't work and doesn't offer to help you out around your house in which he stays all the time.

You are walking on egg shells around him and his recovery instead of being real and honest with him and yourself.

I jumped right into learning everything I could about alcoholism. And somehow, hes managed to get himself a get-out-of-jail free card because hes a recovering alcoholic. I dont want the relationship to because when Im not obsessing, our time together is brilliant and Im not ready to let go. I will offer now to move this to Friends and Family fourm, only because you will get alot more response over there then here.... I know you have gone to Al'anon meetings and it sounds like you have checked out ACo A.... I can however tell you if he did not show me respect, if he was unwilling to commit to me (and that is what I wanted) NO excuses, If he did not do something to continue his growth, if he just hung out at my house all the time and did not give me some space and or contribut to cost, if he did not talk to me and tell me 100 times a day (or however much I needed to feel secure) how he feels about me and that he loves me, If I had to force inticimacy, If he did not take my feelings into consideration and truely work with me....................

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