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Although there are many inherent assumptions and potential limitations, cation-ratio dating has been verified on relative age-sequences from a Death Valley debris cone, Negev Desert talus flatirons, and prehistoric lake levels at Searles Lake in California.

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Shiny, dense and black varnishes form on basalt, fine quartzites and metamorphosed shales due to these rocks' relatively high resistance to weathering.

Desert varnish is a dark coating on rocks found in arid regions.

Clay, then, acts as a substrate to catch additional substances that chemically react together when the rock reaches high temperatures in the desert sun. An important characteristic of black desert varnish is that it has an unusually high concentration of manganese.

Manganese is relatively rare in the Earth's crust, making up only 0.12% of its weight.

Desert varnish forms only on physically stable rock surfaces that are no longer subject to frequent precipitation, fracturing or wind abrasion.

The varnish is primarily composed of particles of clay along with iron and manganese oxides.

The coating is composed dominantly of fine-grained clay minerals.

Within the clays are black manganese oxide and red iron oxide.

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