Advice age dating difference

But there's more than that to your new relationship, as you know, so you could do without the nudges and winks.

In general, women tend to mature faster than men but this is not a steadfast rule.

A person's maturity also depends on life experience.

This can be a disadvantage in the sense that you may have less in common, but an advantage in the sense that you get the opportunity to introduce him to your favorite things.

One of the benefits of dating someone who is older or younger is that you probably don't share the same pop culture tastes and have the chance to discover new things.

With the developments and changes in modern technology evolving at a pace faster than ever before, generational gaps can often be more significant for people born in the 1990s or later, compared to generations born before the Internet.

When dating someone with a large generational gap, you may find she has never heard of many of your favorite movies or musical artists and vice versa.

If your love is true, you'll help everyone involved work through these issues and more.

And both you and your 11th-hour soulmate will congratulate yourselves for having the gumption to step off the cakewalk of same-age coupling.

(Unless, of course, they were named Cher.) But all this prompts a bigger question: Is it smart or stupid to take on a partner 20 years younger once you hit 50, 60 or 70?

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