Adult website sounds like chatterbox

This shift didn’t happen overnight, of course, but she dropped her British accent in the space of a few weeks.

It makes me wonder about accents and how these are bundled up in someone’s identity.

This is not that surprising – children soak up everything and mimic it brilliantly.

Their accent was a connection to that world, and I’m losing it quickly.

It’s probably why my Mexican father was so desperate to make sure we wouldn’t lose conversational Spanish.

Maybe they weren’t even aware of the fact that they were doing it.

It’s probably how most immigrants feel in their adopted country – even if your looks don’t mark you out, your speech will give the game away. Linguistic accommodation is modifying your speech so that it sounds more like the speech of your conversational partner. You can’t help but be influenced by the accent of the people around you, even if unconsciously.

As usual, it said her child had been disrupting the class again with her nonstop talking.

She was also getting left behind because she was missing or misunderstanding instructions.

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‘I went on awesome today,’ the Chatterbox tells me in the school parking lot. My five-year-old’s changing accent is a source of amusement and some surprise.

I also catch myself thinking about how American she sounds – and it’s not just the vocabulary she uses.

We were discussing her imminent move to New York in the summer.

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