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Anyone know of any adult porn places worth the trip? May 24, 2007 at pm Yeah, I’m looking for a good adult movie theater or adult movie preview place too.

Please post any locations in the southern california area that you have found be be good.

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The Manor Theatre was designed by Sacramento architect Herbert E.

Goodpastor, who had also designed the Colonial Theatre a couple of miles north on Stockton Boulevard.

It was located in the Fruitridge Shopping Center at Stockton Boulevards and Fruitridge Road, in Sacramento’s Fruitridge Manor district.

The theatre was set back from the street behind a parking lot.

The main thing I donâ€\t like about this place is that there is no parking. Another thing is, they will not let you stand in the rear of the theater. Nearly everyone in there is yanking their tool, but security expects you to zip up when ever the bells and whistles go off.

If you and your lady as so inclined to this type of entertainment, then you might find the Commerce Adult Books arcade more to your liking.(or if the Front Door is relocated, that would be great news too) January 9, 2007 at am The Back Door was the bar in the rear of the building with the entrance still seen along the north side behind the gate. December 1, 2006 at pm Couples are rare at this place.It used to be a haven for curios ladies who wanted to play around. If interested email at Would love to hook up with a cool/person or couple and head out to a theatre.Although the auditorium was in a quonset hut building, the front of the theatre was designed in a western ranch style, to match the other buildings in the center.In lieu of a marquee, the Manor Theatre had a two-sided attraction board rising from a brick planter that extended from the front of the building.The entrance doors opened onto an extension of the shopping center’s covered walkway, which was supported by round, wooden columns.

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