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In the words of Sean Dempsey, “If you want to know everything about pizza, you go to pizza school.” He’s South Dakota’s only certified pizzaiola, and everything about him proves it: Dempsey’s is top-rated on Trip Advisor and Yelp, and his pizza won 1st place in his region at the International Pizza Expo, finishing #10 in the for his traditional pies.

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No list on London, New York City, or Paris could surprise you, but this one? Just like the rest of South Dakota, Watertown has a colorful past.

Wild Bill Hickok was shot during a game of cards in Deadwood, Calamity Jane roamed the Black Hills, and Watertown has some Mafia ties.

Cheeses and meats you’d find in any Parisian cafe, bread made from the same wheat as their beer, and pickles marinated in-house…but the portions?

Those are what’s truly Midwestern, and they will Lake Kampeska sits on the western edge of Watertown, and it’s pretty much a locals-only spot.

And yet, Watertown — an unassuming spot on the eastern side of South Dakota — is one of them.

It’s a town of some 20,000 people that’s confused itself for a big city and has the dreams (and the secrets) to match.

IT’S 2017, and the travel world is starting to feel pretty saturated.

“Locals’ secrets” get continually divulged for the next headline, and big cities lose their appeal as they become standard, obvious destinations. Some days it’s hard to believe there are any secrets left.

One of the best stops on the list is Glacial Lakes Distillery, and if you’re willing, they’ll mix you the smoothest cosmo of your life. Because it’s all small-batch, visitors may eventually be able to come in and craft their own.

High Plains grains, glacial water, and hand-mixed batches make this South Dakota liquor something special. Fingers crossed that DIY will eventually mean “Distill It Yourself.” With the craft beer movement taking the entire country by storm, the challenge to make a quality product that stands out from the rest is a big one.

There are 800 animals comprising 130 species, including kangaroos, baby spider monkeys, tigers, free-roaming prairie dogs, and some pretty attention-hungry otters.

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