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They're turned -- or machine-shaped -- to computerized specifications, then sanded and coated with finish, before the names or signatures of players are laser engraved. While his job involves marketing the bats on a professional level, he spent years on the plant floor, making bats. He remembers how Reggie Jackson hit his legendary 1971 All-Star game home run in Detroit -- a monumental shot -- using a bat Steele turned by hand. From time to time, baseball historians say, all those immortals used bats made in Dolgeville. The problem: For a casual fan, it's hard to know when. He ages like the wood he grades: Hard and weathered, without cracks.

Note the 'pro ring' on the Adirondack bat: New York's Reggie Jackson watches the path of his third home run in the eighth inning, off Dodgers' Charlie Hough during game 6 of 1977 World Series against Los Angeles Dodgers: Yankee Stadium in New York on Oct. New York won the game 8-4, for its 21st World Series championship. Bill Bailey, a tough and wiry grader who's spent 54 years at the plant, used to be able to watch the World Series and know every time a player swung a Rawlings/Adirondack."That ring was distinctive," Bailey said.

Or the three home runs from Reggie Jackson in Game Six of the 1977 World Series, an ultimate moment for the New York Yankee known as "Mr.

October."Those blasts all came from bats made by Adirondack, a Dolgeville company purchased in the 1970s by Rawlings, the sporting goods giant.

Known as Adirondack "Big Sticks," every bat had a distinctive "pro ring" near the label. The major league bats are no longer called "Big Sticks," and Rawlings made a corporate decision this year to get rid of the ring.

That doesn't sit well with Bruce Lyon, 72, a retired letter carrier and former milkman who's the mayor of Dolgeville.

It's only when you walk inside that you realize what's been made there: Baseball history.

Like Bobby Thomson's home run to beat the Brooklyn Dodgers for the 1951 National League championship, known "as the shot heard 'round the world."Or the 600th home run of Willie Mays, described by many as the best player in the annals of the game.

The question I'm asked most about bats is, "How can you tell a 'real' bat from a store bat?

" What I hope to do in this section is explain the traits of professional model bats and provide information that can help date those bats to particular eras.

For more than 100 years, the preferred wood for baseball bats was white ash.

Melissa Fierke, associate professor at the SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry in Syracuse, has a chart that estimates New York has about 857 million ash trees -- almost as many as all other states combined.

As a child, Lyon met Edwin Mc Laughlin, one of the men who founded the company in the 1940s.

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