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The following table summarizes the CAU feature installation requirements for the two CAU updating modes.

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The exact installation requirements for the Failover Clustering Tools depend on whether CAU coordinates updates as a clustered role on the failover cluster (by using self-updating mode) or from a remote computer.

The self-updating mode of CAU additionally requires the installation of the CAU clustered role on the failover cluster by using the CAU tools.

article=187117 I'm assuming that this is something that will fix itself at some point?

And that it's a problem on Lavasoft's end of things, right?

You can try to refresh the page by clicking here IPS Driver Error There appears to be an error with the database. When you see the manufacturer's welcome screen, but BEFORE you see the Windows XP welcome screen, tap the F8 key repeatedly. Select the option for Safe Mode with Network support. This is normal and no cause for concern as Safe Mode only loads basic drivers.

You can try to refresh the page by clicking here ...don't know if that's indicative of a problem on my end or theirs...? If worse comes to worse, I'll download them manually then delete the old ones as suggested. To reboot back into normal mode, just reboot the computer, but don't hit any keys, let it boot normally.

Edit the DNS servers used in Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) properties of your Local Area Connection.

If you use Earthlink as ISP (or ISP owned by Earthlink) you can try this solution (provided by Earthlink) for working your way around the problem:

I'm going to hold off on doing your test for now...

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