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“ I feel you, and I`m about to tell you something that is common sense but is shocking for most guys out there…

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She`s there to shop, but will respond well to an approach as she is not expecting it.

Line to use: Now before you yell out this is weird, it is, but it works.

This is a bit of a trickier situation, however, as people tend to like to mind their own businesses on public transit, however, if you know how to start a conversation properly and flirt, you can get the girl very attracted just by the mere fact that you have the guts to talk to her.

Some quick tips on how to start a conversation on the bus : a.

My wingman and I would just walk in and approach a table of girls, get them to like us, sit with them, and then leave with them suggesting a place to go with us.

A very funny wingman I had would tell me that if he didn`t get a girl from the club or bar, go to plan b, the streets, and then if that didn`t work, plan c, Mc Donalds.

The bus stop is an interesting and effective place to meet girls because they honestly just don`t expect it which gets girls much more aroused.

You can be in the bus shelter and just start a conversation or sit next to her on the bus and make jokes about what she may be listening to on her phone.

Generally, after the clubs and bars close, people tend to be very hungry and will head to fast food restaurants or diners.

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