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The field of archaeology has provided the action-packed backdrop for countless films, novels, video games and even children’s toys over the years.

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My parents threatened to shiv me if I changed majors or dropped out of college so I spent the last year of my education preparing to move to LA after graduation and finishing up my degree by taking the “Intro to…” course load. Did anyone ever try to persuade you not to take up acting as a profession, to do something more practical instead?

Someone tries to talk me out of being a professional actor almost every day.

Until you’re a regular on a TV show or starring in a major movie people assume you’re just doing this to get it out of your system.

Hopefully that level of success isn’t too far off for me; I’d hate to have to keep coming up with witty answers to these questions. If a man wishes to become an actor, how should he best prepare?

Archaeology is often considered to be a subdiscipline of anthropology, along with physical anthropology, cultural anthropology and linguistics.

Although the term “archaeology” literally means “the study of ancient things,” the field has grown over the decades to incorporate all periods of the human past, including recent history.

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Even when I have a national commercial running someone asks, “So when are you going to get a real job?

” I thought it would end when I started making some money, but it didn’t.

Some days I’d have six hours of physical rehearsal but I never once complained.

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