Sex with auties - Aaliyah dating damon dash

While speaking with Hip Hop Motivation, Roc-A-Fella Records co-founder Dame Dash offered some insight into his past relationship with Aaliyah. That was my dude.” Towards the end of the interview, Dame compared his relationship with Aaliyah to that of Cam’ron and his current girlfriend, Ju Ju.

According to Dame, he was drawn to Aaliyah because they shared the same point of view and the same perspective. But we had other experiences.” He later revealed that Jay Z, who knew Aaliyah before he did, tried to also get with the singer.

But then the production company decided to cast the 20 year old Canadian born singer Keisha Chante.

She has a slight resemblance to Aaliyah and that's one of the reasons the director for the biopic chose her.

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If you are just dating, and your parents have no objection there is nothing illegal here.

If you start having sex, then you should know the age of Consent in your state or country.

“And it was like she was known at one time younger for being a little thuggish-looking girl or whatever. When you talked to her it wasn’t no hood shit with it at all.

But she really acted like somewhat of a non-urban chick.

Ginuwine has written songs about Aaliyah, though never vocally mentioning her name, magazine articles with interviews from people close to both Aaliyah and Ginuwine said that even after they ended their relationship, he still carried very strong feelings for her.

"Differences" was also written speaking about his relationship with the late singer. Destiny Lightsy was the first one to be originally cast to play Aaliyah, and there were lots of promo pictures she took where she looked just like her.

Aaliyah had a relationship with the producer when she was underage, and according to Dash, it was so painful to look back on that the young singer couldn't even discuss it. “I watched some of it yesterday, as much as I could tolerate,” Dash told Kenyatta “the Hip-Hop Motivator." “And I’m not gonna lie, as a human I was tight. Number one, there was a girl that was trying to talk about it and couldn’t.

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