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Christian denominations around the country are contending with massive defections.White Christian groups have experienced the most dramatic losses over the past decade.And perhaps as importantly, Mormons are far younger than members of white Christian traditions.

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A 2015 Pew Research report shows that Mormons are more likely to be married and to have larger families than other Christians.

Roughly two-thirds of Mormons are married, compared to only about half (52 percent) of Christians overall.

Jennifer, a young mother and member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in northern Virginia, is honest about the challenges of being Mormon in America today. It’s not just the expectation that you will adhere to strict religious standards when it comes to dating and sex. In an era marked by unprecedented religious decline, Mormons appear to be holding their own.

On a Saturday night, we might not be kicking back and watching a movie or bingeing Netflix; we’re planning our Sunday school lesson.” While the structure of the LDS Church, which relies on volunteer leadership at the local level, requires an active membership, there is an upside to the obligations of religious community.

Family life has always been a critical source of religious vitality.

It is the crucible within which religious identity is formed, rituals are learned and practiced, and beliefs take shape.

As societal attitudes about sexual norms drift further from traditional religious norms, and the stigma of non-belief wanes, formative religious experiences are becoming even more important.

A generation ago, most Americans who shed their childhood religious attachments did so during their college and post-college years.

“My husband and I teach Sunday school to 14- and 15-year-old teenagers.

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