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However, it seems like Bailey was meant for more than merely being a beloved family pet and this becomes clear when he is reborn once more as a puppy.The purpose of this book is to provide a heartwarming exploration of the relationship between man and dog, and it achieves this goal with humor and insight.The book was definitely designed with dog lovers in mind, though even in that arena, opinions vary.

The book dominated the New York Times Bestseller list for a very long time.

It was eventually translated into a movie in 2017 starring Dennis Quaid, Peggy Lipton, and Britt Robertson.

People with little interest in dogs do not seem to care as much about the book.

Dog owners, on the other hand, cannot seem to get enough of the novel, Cameron driving them to relate to Buddy through their understanding of their own dogs.

A Dog’s Purpose, the first truly fictional work from Cameron, drew upon his love for dogs, which he thinks are wonderful creatures.

Cameron isn’t exactly a well-known name amongst avid readers, though he is fairly commonplace in popular culture. Bruce Cameron Adaptations Cameron’s most famous novel is A Dog’s Purpose.

Bruce Cameron is a bestselling author and columnist from the United States renowned for titles like ‘A Dog’s Purpose’. By the time he was sixteen, Cameron had already sold his first story, with the Kansas City Star paying him for his services.

Where most other boys his age dreamt of playing sports or going to space, Cameron only ever wanted to be a writer; the author actually attempted to pen a novel in fourth grade, though the task proved too difficult and he eventually gave up.

As a troubled teenager, Buddy is certain that Clarity needs him more than ever, which is why he despairs when the two of them are separated.

This book tries to recapture the warmth and charm of ‘A Dog’s Purpose’.

The book took Cameron to great places, garnering him mentions from CNN, USA Today and the CBS Early Show, this along with numerous other notable media brands.

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