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Our relationship is so beautiful today - far exceeding the quality of our previous relationships mostly because of terrific quality of the material he presents.

So Sean thank you for the pod casts would love any free physical material that you may offer too!!

I can’t put an email here but point me in a direction and I’ll find it.

Podcast is...fine, but if you sign up for the website or newsletter, Sean sends you ads for his Clickbank products.

Products like “Learn the 3 phrases to text that will make any man addicted to you.” Completely gross.

😊 I have been overly obsessed with learning all I can to please him and myself (of course) as I hope he will be the one but if not I will know more for the next guy.

😉 Thanks again Sean love your guests segments too!! 🤘I’ve listened to a couple of episodes and it has been amazing.

Each week on the Bad Girl's Bible podcast, your host Sean Jameson interviews experts and professionals and everyone in between to teach you the tips and techniques you can use to improve your sex life and relationship or marriage.

You'll also learn powerful insights on how to improve your dating and love life.

However, note to all :younger people under 21 and even 25 in some cases, sex is not a joke it is wonderful but you should know what you need and want before you even think about having sex with anyone, you can not revirginize yourself!

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