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3.) However, besides these two members of team B, team member A also met other team member B unexpectedly, with the consequence of defeating them.4.) As team member A plays the game the conditions to meet team member B change, as team member B sets different conditions to meet different requirements.If you were to wake up a PM instead of AM the conditions to do so are different.

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The reason the results are sometimes logical are the if conditions were successful.

These if conditions if successful create sentences that are thought, this is a concept to think about for what I will now show.

And this is where the results to create thought based on if conditions either create valid thought, or some random non-sense people don’t accept as thought.

What this means is the if conditions that create non-sense must be changed to what creates a valid four word result that is accepted as thought.

Each word is suited to a grammar type: noun, verb etc, so the if conditions create a random word output that seems logical. Some four words the program creates are logical, and some are illogical.

The reason there is illogical results is the if conditions failed.

There is 24 hours in a day, so the conditions to wake at AM won’t work for each of those 24 hours.

5.) Is the requirement of whatever hour of the day able to be met by the conditions set true or false? If true, then the loop holding the requirement does not break the conditions.

I think I will have to learn C since this book uses that language I think Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach, and it uses algebra too I think.

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