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So most male performers experience a 'failed' scene early on in their career/ Too many failed scenes will ruin a performer's reputation.

I'm hyper-focusing on absolutely nothing but my partner, the sex about to happen and the beauty of the person in front of me, and the fact that I am one lucky motherfucker who gets to do this.” Thompson says he tries as hard as he can to block out every kind of external stimuli possible.

“Nothing else matters in that moment: not rent, not traffic, not the dog pee on the carpet that you're gonna have to clean when you get home, not how many followers on IG you have, nada," he says.

“I'm on the Paleo Diet, I work out every single day, and I don't party nearly as hard as I used to. And I go to bed early the night before I have to perform.

Real wild rock and roll stuff.” During the sex scene itself, Thompson says, "everything goes out the window except the female as far as where my mind is.

“That can be anything from Viagra and Cialis to injections that will keep erections going without arousal.

I know others have had surgeries to implant penis pumps.” Kross says that often, her coworkers will pop a pill before any scene they shoot to achieve an erection and go on their merry way. “Sometimes with the pills they'll look a little flushed, but sometimes you're just flushed because sex is an aerobic activity,” says Kross.

During my last ER visit, a doctor told me that if I didn't quit taking the drugs, I risked the likelihood of long term damage that would affect my ability to achieve natural erections.

So I quit using the drugs, and quit performing in porn.” Zeischegg suffered from an erection that raged for more than 12 hours, which ultimately ended his affair with ED drugs.

“Most men aren't used to the pressures of on-set set,” continues Zeischegg.

“There's the lack of intimacy or chemistry with a partner, the film crew, the pressure to achieve erection on cue, maintaining an erection during still photographs, etc...

He stood up with shards of glass sticking out of him and his dick was still hard.

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