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Take a hard look at your own priorities, relative to the strategies presented here.With all of these, you may be able to skip over millionaires directly to billionaire status, like Bill Gates and the other 2000 people already there.Oxfam’s “the top X people have the same wealth as the bottom half” claim has received plenty of scrutiny in the past from folks like Forstater and Ramachandran, Felix Salmon, Chris Giles, and Vox’s Ezra Klein.

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Self-made millionaires tend to start with a solution to a painful problem that can change the world, with a billion dollar opportunity.

Force yourself to think bigger by scheduling some uninterrupted thinking time and overtly stepping outside your comfort zone to entertain the impossible.

This year, Oxfam’s report added another shocking stat.

The report also claims that 2,200 billionaires worldwide saw their wealth grow by 12 percent (which is eminently believable), even as the poorest half saw its wealth fall by 11 percent (which is a bit harder to believe at a time when global poverty is consistently falling).

The Giving Pledge is a campaign to encourage people to contribute a majority of their wealth to philanthropic causes.

As of May 2019, the pledge has 204 signatories, either individuals or couples, from 22 countries, though some of the signers have died since signing.Oxfam for its part has responded forcefully to the criticism.But the claim that the poorest people in the world have seen their wealth fall has gotten less scrutiny.Rather than resist every change, figure out what caused it and move forward by creating a solution that capitalizes on the new opportunity.The first rule for a successful business is managing cash flow personally.Self-made millionaire entrepreneurs make a point of surrounding themselves with people smarter than they are, and with people they aspire to be like. They build teams of smart people to solve problems, rather than making every decision themselves.

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