100 dating bucharest club chat 2013

If you see a pretty girl ask her if she speaks English and pretend to have some dumb touristy question. You will definitely get blown off from time to time but just keep up with it.Malls are always great spots for day game so head to Mega Mall, Bucuresti Mall, or Baneasa Shopping City.You need to pick out the girls you like and watch them from a distance.

Don’t just give up because she doesn’t want to go with you after the first invitation.

Continue to hang out with her for a bit, then ask again.

The cheesy dude by the ladies restroom might actually be doing the nightlife here the right way.

Have a quick chat and try to get their number quickly before their friends cockblock you.

That way when you approach a Bucharest girl she won’t feel her friends sneering at her.

Also you need to be persistent inviting them back to your place.

We will do some generalizing, of course every Romanian girl won’t fit the cookie cutter image we are about to portray, but many will.

Looks vary, but there are definitely lots of attractive girls here.

There are better cities for nightlife in Europe and lots of guys complain about bad ratios at the bars or clubs.

Maybe it is because so many sexy Romanian girls are hooking in other countries?

With that said girls here are very image conscious and the peer pressure from their friends is strong.

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